Assignment 1: Final Presentation – 150 MC

So in my last post in which I talked about my presentation, I was discussing the idea that whatever way I decided to present, it would have to be in a way that would be good enough that it wouldn’t detract from the real images. As even though we aren’t presenting to an actual audience, in my head I am thinking about the way that I would want to present to them if I did.

So that’s why I was against putting my pictures into a book, as I feel that it wouldn’t make it seem as serious really (as if you think of a photo book, it’s almost documenting all the work that has taken place) so when I want to highlight the message being portrayed, I think this wouldn’t work at all.
Therefore I thought about presenting my pictures as a box of images (eg all of them placed into a box) but then I started to think well isn’t that the same as them being in a book almost? By placing them directly into something, I feel it wouldn’t that effective.

Hence I decided that I would just have my prints being shown just how they are. With all the borders being straight, I don’t have to do any trimming on them, making them all the same size in the end. So I decided that I would place them up onto a wall to get an idea of which order I would present them (also giving them my own titles so that I could remember what order I would place them in!)


Picture 1: “Empty” -> Print of all bottles on the table

Picture 2: “Pour” -> Liquids being poured into cup

Picture 3: “Spin” -> Shot Roulette

Picture 4: “Result” -> Picking up the shot glasses

Picture 5: “Standing firm” -> Hand being placed up against a bottle

Picture 6: “No Spillage” -> Liquid being poured into shot glasses

Picture 7: “Chink” -> The two shot glasses being chinked together

Picture 8: “Slamming it Down” -> The shots being taken

Picture 9: “Chug” -> Taking swigs from a liquor bottle

Picture 10: “Regret” -> Bottle on the ground.



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