Assignment 1: Final Thoughts – 150 MC

This project has undoubtedly been very interesting. my path of direction changed about a quarter of the way through to a more focused path of looking at peer pressures with those at my age. That was a good starting point to try to find what area I was most focused on and would investigate further, so I decided to stick home with an area that I had an experience in, which was drinking.
It was an interesting project for me to take part in, as it did make me think to go beyond the usual pictures that one sees most of the time, and to explore more into the drinking idea of the culture that I am part of.

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Uni students are renowned for drinking and the exploits, games and laughter they come out with during their time at uni. And I wanted to highlight this “drinking culture” through my pictures; showing the harmony and conflict one may face when it comes to drinking.

With my pictures, I didn’t want to be too utilitarian with what I was showing, as that’s how “drinking” is usually portrayed through photography. Rather, I wanted to give my pictures a more subtle and abstract tone to the pictures. Usually when you have the face shown in pictures, you can build up a sense of character usually of what this person is like.
So I decided to just have the majority of my pictures just focusing on the arms and hands. This was because by just showing these, you don’t build up any prejudices at all the subject, but also focuses more on the real actions that are taking place.

The main point is to remember that this is a generalised drinking culture that surrounds me on a daily basis, and for someone else in a different place, they may meet something completely different. Or, on the flip side, some of the images could be a replica for what others experience as well.

The following are the names of my prints (in order) for this project:

“Empty”, “Pour”, “Spin”, “Result”, “Standing firm”, “No Spillage”, “Chink”, “Slamming it Down”, “Chug”, “Regret”


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