Assignment 1: The Scanner? – 150 MC

So seeing as I have everything done, with all my final pictures printed, I decided that I would have a look at the Negative scanner in order to see if there was anything I could maybe do to my negatives that could help me even more for this assignment.

Using the scanner is a pretty lengthy process really, and one that takes a lot of patience and time to get everything on a high quality scale. Using the scanner allows me scan over the images in a high quality manner (as if they have been printed from the dark room.)

When initially placing the negative in the holding tray, you need to firmly place the tray into the machine, but not forcing it in or else it would possibly break. Once this is done, the machine will start to read what has been placed in, and on the screen, there would be a pop up saying what has been read.

TO move on, you click on the image you want to get a preview of it come up, in which a whole image will appear on the screen. When this happens, you need to edit the choices for the scanning options (so in this case, I would choose black and white, and 6×7 etc.) on the left hand side.

Whilst on the right hand side, the pop up there will state what quality size of the image you want, and if you want to clean the negatives (Note: This is to only be done for colour negatives, as it would read the grains on a black and white negative as dust, so would try to clean the film.) You can also select the option of wanting to edit the negatives via colour balance etc, but it is more suitable by doing all of this in Photoshop as you have greater control over it all.

So, this is a pretty useful technique to have in the bag if there was something in the picture that you desperately wanted to change (E.g there was an area in the picture that required more contrast whilst being exposed slightly more.) However the only problem is that for this assignment is that all the prints are required to be printed in analogue (so from the darkroom) so I wouldn’t be able to print normally from a printer.
Regardless of this though, I will definitely use this machine in the future if I ever taken more pictures via a 35 mm film or medium format, as it could provide a different twinge on my pictures.


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