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Talking to lecturers

So in order to get an outside opinion on my work so far, I decided to speak with my lectures so that not only could I give them an update on what I was looking at, but also so that I could get some opinions and criticism on my work.

I spoke to Anthony first as I wanted his opinion more so on my actual pictures rather then the idea at the minute as it was still early stages. With the whole project being based on the history of the sites, I personally wanted to get more of a story being shown in my pictures, which I was lacking in already, plus I was struggling to see how I could begin to show this in my work.

Anthony said that on the technical side, the pictures were good and it was obvious that I knew what I was doing. However, like my own thoughts, he said that really the pictures told him nothing at all. Only the main spider and the sea snail offered some sort of narrative, but the others were something that you would just see in a National Geographic magazine.

The thing with macro photography is that it is such a common theme to go in the photography world; it no longer stands out as much (unless you have a stunning image.) SO he suggested that if I were to go down the macro route, I would have to think about it differently; with the snail shot it was quite obscure as to what it was plus what was going on. What I had to look at was making things slightly more obscure so that the viewer had to work out things more on their own.

Afterwards, I went to speak to Caroline as well, but this time it was more based on my actual idea to see where I could head next. Again, like with my pictures I was slowly beginning to reach a wall in where I could head next with my ideas. Trying to base the idea of the history of a place and getting a story behind it is quite hard for wildlife I found, as it was more documentary based.
Caroline agreed with my thoughts here, saying that as a starting point it’s a good idea and it shows I can work with the technical part of things. However there was a lack of research that could be done on the site specific part which would affect my grade; so she suggested that I head to the Herbert as they had an History of Coventry section which could give me more of a better idea as to what I could move onto next.