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The Move, Adjustment and Settling

When they said it was going to be intense, they weren’t kidding. And that even before I moved to the USA!

The past year has been a blur of sorts. It was hard to believe that this time last year, I was even considering the notion of studying in the USA. Of course I had the option of places in Europe, but obviously I had to be the odd one out and be different. So begun the process of talking to lectures about advice and opinions, before I settled on trying out The International Centre of Photography in New York.

This was the beginning stages of what was a long and tiring process; never before I had to write a proposal of my work at such a high level of writing. Yet I still managed it; I think it was down to my determination of getting everything right and not leaving anything to chance helped. As well as getting lecturers to proof read it all!
Soon, everything had been handed in, and began the waiting period of hearing anything.





When the e-mail came through stating that I had got my place in the programme, I screamed. In a restaurant. Yeah I was quite excited… But still, the feelings that were bursting through me was unreal. Words could not explain it at all. But now it was real, it was time to start prepping for the travels. And that meant getting my visa (however that’s a story I don’t want to get into as I fear for my blood pressure rising…)

Time flew by, and before I knew it, I was leaving the house at 4am. The flight was how flights should be; smooth and steady. But the excitement was building up inside me more and more, eager to actually start this new adventure. In the first week of being in The Big Apple, my family and I started the basics of moving into my accommodation and getting the essentials for me to live in some sort of student way (don’t worry I bought all the snacky stuff later on!)
We also planned the journey I would take in the mornings to actually get to ICP, so I had an understanding of where I needed to head to so I wouldn’t get lost (although the travelling system is fairly straight forward there.)

And then I was left all by myself. It was emotional saying goodbye to my parents as we all knew how big and life changing this could be for me. Tears were shed by everyone, par my brother who seemed more interested in Youtube at the time (although I’m hoping there was some emotion later on though.)
I know that for the past two years I have essentially lived on my own in Coventry, but this was different. Living alone, in a different country thousands of miles away? It’s the same but not the same. And I will always miss home, that’s a given.

But I wasn’t given much time to dwell on that as the orientation period was starting. For 3 weeks.

Yes you read that right, 3 weeks. And it may seem like a long time. but with the amount covered (darkrooms, DML, printing, Library etc) it was needed. And having it all spaced out helped as well, as it allowed everything to be taken in. What I found to be very interesting (and also a good way to bond people from the different courses) was the Scavenger Hunt. Rather then your traditional hunt of finding items, we were given set themes that we could interpret fully and do whatever we wanted with.
And the ability to be free and shoot whatever was amazing, and I felt like that I came out with some interesting shoots. But the main thing was that I had a fun time shooting, which is the main thing. Here are some of the images I shot:

Edit1_46 Edit1_47 spirit Edit1_1 Edit1_25 Edit1_36 Edit1_41

So as I type this out, I’m prepping for my first proper week at ICP. This is where I’m gonna be starting all my classes in full and start my journey into learning so much. However, I don’t want to bore you all with writing about everything! I have created a youtube channel where I will be making monthly vlogs at least saying what I have learnt etc. I’ve already shot a video about my classes and scavenger hunt, so click on the video below to find out more (when I publish it)!

The Beginning! August-September Vlog

Until in a months time people…