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Matt Johnston
Jon Legge
Caroline Molloy
Chantal Riekel
Jonathan Shaw
Paul Smith
Jonathan Worth


#PHONAR – Photography and Narrative
#PICBOD – Picturing the Body


A #PICBOD App for iPhone
A #PHONAR App for iPhone


1000 Words
– Free, Online Photography magazine with portfolio work and interviews.
After Photography

– Fred Ritchin looks at a ‘post-photographic’ world.
American Suburb X
– Online photography magazine and archive with reviews, interviews and comment on photographic work past and present.
A Photo Editor
– Notes and images from the desk of a photo editor
– Jörg M. Colberg critiques, questions and deconstructs contemporary photography.
David Campbell
– Professor David Campbell analyzes how documentary photography and photojournalism works in the 21st Century.
The Documentary Blog
– The world of documentary filmaking with trailers, events and reviews of latest films.
– Website of Foto8 magazine and Host Gallery in London, regular exhibitions, events and competitions.
Indie Photobook Library
– The latest independently published photobooks and zines. See also ‘The Independent Photobook’
Photojournalism Links
– Mikko Takkunen keeps this blog up to date with all the latest photo essays, interviews and photojournalism features.
The Photo Book Club
– Wayne Ford and Matt Johnston focus on one significant photobook each month, and invite comments from followers.
This Is The What
– Photo editor Kate Osba regularly interviews many of the leading editorial photographers working today.
Still Searching
 An online forum hosted by Fotomuseum Winterthur on present and past developments of  photographic production and dissemination.
What’s The Jackanory?
– Editorial photographer Andrew Hetherington blogs about professional life, assignments and time on the road.


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