Shoot for first Gary

Red Nose:

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 09.51.37

This was an interesting picture for me to make, as the story behind this was that he has 7 children, all whom he is proud off. And each year, he always notates to the Red Nose cause because not only is it something he wants to do, but it is also to help the children of the future as well. I think this really struck me, as it was quite surreal to hear someone that was homeless giving money to a Charity.
So for this image, I took the picture of the nose that he had with him on the ledge of a shop.


Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 09.51.29

On his body, Gary has a number of tattoos, but the one that he seemed to talk the most about was the one of his ex-wife who put him into prison. To him it is a reminder of the life that he had with her, and that he will always remember those memories, even with the things she did to him.
So for this, he held out his arm for me whilst I took a picture of the tattoo running along his arm.


Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 09.51.21

The bracelets on his arms hold a special meaning to him as they remind him of all the travelling he used to do when he was younger. He kept on mentioning his watch which he got in Egypt and how it is now broken and he can’t go get it fixed, or if he does it will be too expensive. Each bracelet has an individual meaning to him, in which he is reluctant to get rid of it.

Again, for this he held out his wrist for me to take a picture so that I could show off what these items exactly were.


Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 09.51.05

Gary found Islam a long time ago after he went searching for the meaning to life. He tried a variety of religions, all of which failed to help him answer his questions. However when he found Islam, it was the one that made everything click together. Since then, he ahs always been devout, and even though he doesn’t pray every day, he does it when he needs it for comfort and support, and doing as much good as he can.

For this image, I found it hard how I could represent Islam for Gary in an appropriate manner. SO after some deliberation, I decided to get a Quran and place it wide open on a windowsill for me to take a picture off it.

There were a few other pictures I considered using, such as the beer cans near where he was sitting, as he said he needs to keep drinking to help him out in the day. However I decided against this shot because I felt it was too “typical” for what you would expect to see, and I wanted to show off stuff that was more positive for Gary and had a deeper meaning to his identity.


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