Presentation Method

So for my presentation method, I have decided that I want to show my work in 3 different manners.

The first part would be to have 3 prints up on the wall with two landscapes and 1 portrait. The reasoning for this is that I want to show off some stills that resemble the positives from across the board including dreams, hopes and past lives.

The thing with having these three images is that on their own they wouldn’t mean much at all hence you would have to read the book that accompanies it to understand how it fits in with the puzzle.

I have also made a photobook as a way of noting down the memories. Just like a photo album is used to store family memories etc. I am using the book as a way of storing the identities down onto paper to show that they have existed for each person.

Having learnt from my previous attempt with Paul, what I plan to do is just have the images going in one line throughout the book (they will be compiled together relating to the person) with a text piece at the end explaining who the person is and what their story is.

Each picture has been carefully considered as to how it has been laid out. One of the problems I had was that for certain images, portrait was the preferred way of shooting. However when placing this into a book, I had the choice of putting them in landscape (meaning you would have to turn the book) or crop them down to fit as a portrait. Not wanting to have the viewer turn the page, I decided to crop the portraits so they would fit in. I think if I was given much more time I would try and take each image the same, however I have made the most of it.

Additionally, I want to talk about the last image in the book as well. Throughout the book you cannot see a single face or you are presented with objects; the last image is in complete contrast as it shows 3 people looking at the camera. The reasoning for this is that I want to show that Dan, the main subject, has actually re-found his identity and is now part of our society again. He has worked hard to be were he is with the help of friends and his own determination, so he deserves to have this portrait as it works for his story.
And I hear you asking, how can you get the story down perfectly when there might be other things to include as well? I have thought this out, and I have realized that the audio pieces are as equally important for this project as the images are. With the audio we hear the emotion that is missed in the images, but we begin to compile up the story as we look as well.
My plan would be to have different ER codes up on the wall linking to each persons interview; I want this because if I was to have a laptop playing the interviews one at a time, someone might come in half way and miss something important. SO by having an ER code to the audio, you can scan it in and listen from the beginning so that you don’t miss anything out.

My mock up of how things should look:

Presentation plan


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