Reddit post on what people do on bad days

For research into one of the projects I am considering for my final piece into PicBod, I wanted to try and find out what other people (those that I don’t know) do when they have their bad bad days. So far, I have only looked at a biased representation on how I do things, which isn’t accurate at all. Others have their own ways of making them feel better so this was something I wanted to consider.

The best way for me to do this then was by creating a post on Reddit (an online forum where you can create threads based on any topic that you wish to hold a discussion) to ask people what they do on bad days to make them feel better.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.39.18

I was actually pleasantly surprised with the responses that I got, as they were all varied it made for an interesting read. They were nothing like what I thought they were going to be like (I was thinking more on a darker side of life) but actually as everything was more pleasant, it put a more positive spin on things.
To hear people saying that they would go exercise, or watching TV shows, or even talking to someone does actually put a smile onto my face.

However, one of issues I came across was that with these things was that if I were to go and make images based on what has been said, how would I make them aesthetically pleasing, as these sorts of things have all been done before many a times, so it would be almost too cliché. So the more I think about this project, the more I am reluctant to go down with that area.

However, I did like this method of asking people on their views as it did give me a better idea on others people views. So I am planning on doing another similar thread to ask for people’s views on the homeless as well.


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