Forms and Functions Task

The final weekly task fittingly has to be based on the body with its functions and interactions. We don’t realise it, yet our body is used pretty much for everything in a day to life, and it has its own interactions based on our daily activities.

With this task, there was so much for us to pursue, it was kind of baffling to me when I couldn’t really think of anything interesting in the first place that appealed to me. There were some obvious choices straight away, such as the marks our bodies leave on certain objects (looking at the fingerprints, smear marks) but they seemed to cliché for me to go on.

However, what I was interested in exploring was the tasks I go about every day that are the same with my body. When I put my mind to it, I began to spot patterns on how there had to be a particular thing I did before a certain thing just to make sure it was done. Almost OCD like. A lot of it involved activities such as showing, getting changed, going to the toilet and so on. Everyone one of these activities involved me actually having to strip off some clothes (some for obvious reasons) but for others I felt trapped almost, so I had to release myself.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 01.39.08

I was intrigued by the work of Bertil Nilsson with his use of nudes. In the work Naturally, it doesn’t just show a naked body in the wild, but rather shows off different shapes being performed. Now it doesn’t have much use in terms on my concept, but was what interested me was the way in which the photos were tactfully done (not a standard nude portrait with the face staring at the camera.) The way the body also dictated the shot as well was different, as it seemed to be the controlling everything around it and contrasting it to its surroundings.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 01.52.38

I was also intrigued by Laura Hynd’s work, particularly the series Lady Into Hut. She chose to make photographs of “unhealthy nostalgia” as she puts it. What I found interesting about this was that this nostalgia only came from memories that had been long burrowed, all based on her grandfathers hut that she interacted with. What struck me was the memories she retained from this were all negative, yet the ones I hold about my actions were positive. Additionally, the way she photographed herself was interesting; in contrast to Nilsson, she showed off her body only if necessary to the area, whereas Nilsson had the body in every shot. This actually helped me plan the type of image I want, as I wouldn’t want to include a nude because I had to, but because there was a meaning behind it.


So for my response to the task, I decided to look at the interaction I have when I am getting ready at night. Whenever I get changed, I have a set rule that whenever I take my clothes off I must fold them and put them neatly on my chair. The same goes for if any clothes get caught and become messy as well. I have to have everything neat.

So for me to get my natural form in the images, I set up a camera in my room on a continuous shot whilst I was getting changed. This way, I was able to go about with my activities without having to worry about the camera, so I was able to relax easily.

Looking back at the image I made, the first thing I note with it is that it is quite dark, and having natural light from my laptop (something I always have open when getting changed) did give it an orange tinge which is slightly weird and something I have never thought about before. I do think the picture captures me in the moment, but I do feel like it could be done slightly better perhaps in a different way, but I can’t put my finger on it exactly. I feel like something is missing from the shot, as is one of the weakest I have done throughout all my weekly tasks.


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