Finalisation of idea + Final Plan

As we are nearing an end to this project soon, I thought it would be useful to finalise my idea completely to exactly say what it is that I am trying to show.

This body of work is based on the time and history of watches; it explores the essence of watches from Coventry’s Watchmaking industry, in which there has been a shift on how we value these objects. “Objects cannot be understood through one moment of their existence” (Edwards, 2012); watches are more than just objects; they are links to our past, our histories and our ancestry. Time leaves an indelible mark that is not always visible yet can make the worthless seem invaluable. In this body of work, its aim is to explore the emotional bond as well as the sentimentality and emotional power that these objects contain.

Having being inspired by a variety of artists in looking at the tiny details missed, how to frame the object to the methodology of shooting, the focus is on the essence on the watches as a way of documenting the evidence of how time and history have affected them. The images will be taken on plain black backgrounds to avoid any distraction and isolate the watch exactly, so that we can put our full attention onto the marks.

In the pictures, I want to move away from the monetary view on watches like we see today, and rather focus on the sentimentality that they possess within them. So for my shoot, I will go to Coventry’s Watch Museum to speak to them about the watches they have collected over the years which have been passed through a multitude of family generations.
Each watch will be shot in the same method: they will all be placed onto the same black background and shot in the same lighting. This means that there is no change at all and no picture will be different. The only difference will be from size and shape which could cast shadows, however this will add authenticity to the images. Additionally, they will all be taken from the same angle roughly depending on where the marks are located, again so that there is a repetition going on through the body of work.

Before the final images can be taken though, I will need to do a test shoot to get all of the above ideas right so that I know what exactly the images will need to look like when it comes to the final shoot.


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