Final (Final) Images


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These are the final images I have chosen for my project. Each individual watch had been carefully considered and positioned in a way that the marks on the watches would be at the forefront of our focus. This helps especially when I would put it into a typology as I want the viewer to see them all and be able to contrast all of the marks on the watches against one another.

Additionally, I carefully considered the lighting for each shot as I wanted it to all be even across the board. My main aim was for the light to cast across from the right hand side on the watch so that there would a subtle shadow being cast on it. This would help it blend in better with the background as well so that the watch would be more isolated as a whole rather then two separate pieces.

Finally, I took into consideration about how much space I would need to leave around the watches so that when it came down to cropping them, there would be an even amount of space around the whole watch so that it would have a much better aesthetic feel to the whole image.

Overall, I am very pleased with how these prints have come out. Each watch I feel like has done what I wanted it to show off in the body of work exactly; I have managed to show off the marks in clear, crisp detail on the body of the watch. I made certain of this by going into the live view function on my camera and zooming in on the watch on manual focus so that I could make sure that everything was as clear as possible.
I have also stuck to the typological sense of the series as well, as each picture has been shot the same throughout as well. In addition, each watch is isolated from the background as well, helping put it into the front of our focus which was the main thing.

Final all

This is how I want to present my work in the final exhibition, as it puts all the images on a level playing field which will allow the viewer to look for all of the similarities throughout the whole piece, but also examine the marks and being able to make their own stories as to what may have caused the marks to be their in the final place.
I think that the work has re-focused on the sentimental factor of the watches by showing how after time these precious objects still hold value in todays society due to the memories that the watches contain from stories and previous generations.


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