Evaluation and Next Steps

So in my last test shoot, I established that the were multitude of things that I would have to improve on in order to improve on in my images. In order to get top quality pictures that fit around my whole idea, these are things that I would have to follow fully to achieve the best results.

  • Consistent lighting
  • Negative space -tighter crop
  • Uniformity
  • Consistency
  • Background colour

In my last post I had begun to look at how various artists use background colours to help influence their work in order to isolate the object and bring out all the details. After some careful consideration, I decided that I would go for a simple black background. The reasoning behind this is that if I went with a white background, I would feel like it would of felt too much like a product shot (something that I wanted to avoid after my last images) as well as it being too clinical.
So instead, I decided that I would go with either a pure black or white  background as I wanted to see which one of the two would help the watch blend in and bring out the most detail.

Lee watch 2 edit Lee watch 2 edit whiteLee Wrist watch 1 edit

So I took my last images and decided to do two things:

1) I went back to my old images and repainted the blue background in black and white instead to see how it looks. Comparing the two of them together (even though the white isn’t a great job) it is obvious to see that the black compliments the watch so much more. Even though the lighting isn’t excellent in this particular image, I feel that the blackness in the adds to the image as we look more at what is in the light and we examine the watch more.

2) I decided to crop the image down to get rid of the negative space surrounding the watches. Straight away I noticed a positive difference as there was a more even consistency around the objects. However I feel like there still has to be a little bit more on the outside to that it doesn’t feel as cramped. I also think that I should just stick to the pocket watches as they will give more consistency throughout the whole project.

So looking at these improvements, I can definitely get a feel as to what I now want to pursue within these images. The black background helps bring out the watch, the cropping is better but needs to allow some breathing space. The next task will now to be to work on the lighting to get it more even on the watch


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