Test shoot

SO after all of my research, it was time for me to now begin to take pictures for this project to see exactly if it would work, and how it would come across to what I wanted. With the images, I decided on using a blue background as a starting point as I thought it would a link to how the watches are photographed today in a commercial way.

Lee Watch 1 Lee watch 2

Lee Wrist watch 1 Lee Wrist watch 2 Lee Wrist watch 3

My wrist watch 1 My wrist watch 2 My wrist watch 3 My wrist watch 4 Olly Watch 1 Olly Watch 3

Straight away I can see that the blue background doesn’t work at all for what I am hoping to achieve. Really, all it is doing that taking away from the actual images as the shadows and contrasting  light is very distracting to the eye, in which we focus on every part of the photo rather then at the actual marks being shown. After speaking to Matt and Caroline about this, they both agreed that a more plain background colour would be needed that would work with the objects I am photographing. Something that would bring out more of the details in the watches (such as a black background maybe?)

Secondly, there is a lot of negative space within a majority of the pictures due to the angle of how I have photographed them. This is down to the angle I have taken them at which has given them an uneven border in various sides of the images which doesn’t compliment the objects as well. So I definitely need to re-think my composition for these images in order to compliment them better. Again after speaking to Matt and Caroline, they both have suggested that this is in the lines of Typology, so this may be a root I might start looking at to give a better idea as to how to present my images and how to frame them as well.

Finally I think there has to be more consistent lighting going on within the images, as in one it is quite light, but in another it can be quite dark showing a lack of consistency. I think that is definitely a problem occurring in the images here that needs to be addressed in the next shoot, as it creates a disruption in the flow of my work. If I want to highlight the same thing within my pictures, I need to work on getting a uniformity within my pictures.

Negatives aside… I think that the idea is working with how I am showing the marks on the objects in a way that they are quite obvious to the viewer. I think there is a little bit more work needed on getting a tighter crop in the image to show them off a bit more so it’s in your face a little bit more so that we can think about it. But I have also got a nice mix of giving a bit of context in showing off what the object is all about as well.

So the next stages for me are:

  • Looking at typology
  • Looking at some of the artists Matt and Caroline have given me in regards to presentation, uniformity and background use
  • Start working on more images
  • Talk to the watch museum located in Spon Street

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