Slight change in idea

So after all of my posts so far, I have begun to notice a trend in my posts and research as to what exactly my idea is revolving around. The theme for my pictures so far have been on the marks on watches, but I haven’t really began to see why I am pursuing this. I think it was after the Making Histories, Making Memories article [ ] that I have begun to actually see these watches as objects that in the past hold history, but now are just seen as commodities.

What I am doing is focusing on the actual objects which have these scuff marks, which is something that everything can relate to with marks they have got over the years; however what is interesting is that these marks don’t just have to be relevant to a watch, but actually they can be any object (for example a phone which we may have dropped etc) that holds a historic value to them.

So whilst I am looking at a representation of the craftsmanship in watches in how they have been left to decline, but also at the same time I am looking at the trace of these objects in order for them to tell a story via the marks that will be on them. SO really I now have to think of an appropriate way of showing of these marks that will make it interesting, but to also show how we have forgotten the craftsmanship via the marks and how they tell a story of what its been through.


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