Re-think of idea

So at the current moment in time, I have my 3 ideas that I have studied so far for my project, with them being :

  • Tools
  • Gears
  • Marks

Now each individual one is quite lengthy in its own regards. With the Tools idea, you can look at each individual tool used by the workers to place in part of the watch to make the complete section, where you could show it as a simple shot on a white background like Steve Pyke’s work. Keeping it simple, yet making it effective as you wonder what it’s use was in the progress. With the Gears, I wanted to look at how they all fit perfectly together in such a small space, and how they almost look like a map with one piece going to another. Finally the Marks represent the memories held in the watch, and how these slight nicks and bumps can all hold some significant value at some point, but also how we can look at the object and we can bring back memories.

Now just thinking about all of that, it is quite hard to actually go about with all three and produce a final product. So I decided that I have to narrow it down to one idea. And after my last blog post [ ] I have decided on focusing on the marks ideas. The reasoning behind this is that out of the three, I find this the most interesting out of the lot, as being able to tell a story through one individual watch, but still being able to make the viewer ask questions for themselves.

I think there has definitely been some huge influence from Steve Pyke from his Soles work, as this got me asking in my head how each picture could be relevant. For the Tools idea, I could see it working but at the same time I felt that it would just be too obvious as to what was going on. With the Gears idea, really it was just be pictures looking interesting, but holding no contextual value at all. It was only with the marks idea that I began to think about how we can see the marks (just like we can see the marks on the soles of the shoes) but we have no idea how they can get there at all.
And then it boils down in telling a story behind the image, like when Anthony Luvera speaks to his subjects about their lives and what’s happened, with the Marks idea, I can go around asking people how the watches hold value for themselves and the memories that they may hold for them when they see it.

So I can definitely see this idea being the one to go on with, I just need to now start thinking about how about I can go with it on shooting the images and how exactly I can get the viewers to engage with the images.


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