250MC: Initial trip and talk about photos I took and interest

To start off the project, I decided that the best thing to go and do would be to actually visit the sites themselves, but go through each individual map by itself. The reasoning behind this was that if I just limited myself to one individual area, I might possibly miss out on other scenery or landmarks that might give me other ideas.

So I started my journey at the top of map 1, which happened to be at Allesley Park, one of the areas I was already looking at. I started in the top left and made my way down, noting anything that was particularly interesting.

One of the first things that took my fancy was the old people’s home that now locates on what used to be the Deer Park. What I found interesting is how many of those living there would possibly remember of what this park used to be like and any memories they possibly could have. However a complication with that would be that possibly some of them might not even be from Coventry. That would mean I would be very limited on who I could talk to.

Whilst walking through the actual part itself, I came across an unusually large spider dangling from a tree towards the ground. This caught my eye straight away, as it wasn’t something I expected to literally almost run into. So I decided to wait for it to reach the ground and let direction that it wanted to go in, but making sure I wouldn’t disturb it.

Eventually, I got on the ground and began taking pictures of the spider, and its movement and body intrigued me, as it wasn’t the usual spider you may see in homes. I also think that the spider actually sensed that I was there and eventually stopped dead still, allowing me to get a bit closer and take a picture of it. I think that by not rushing into things helped it keep calm, which allowed me to take the following picture:


After looking at the pictures, a new idea sprang to mind, which incorporated the other parks as well. The idea is based on macro photography of the wildlife in the park. Since the redevelopment of it with more tree’s being planted (Coventry.gov.uk 2014) as well as there being a small garden and pond being located in the park, I suspect that this would be a host to a whole ecosystem of wildlife would be available.
So take advantage of this bit of fortune, I went around looking for more places that might hold habitats for some insects. Primarily this was leaves of plants and in the soil.

What was important for these shots was maintaining a sharp eye on everything, including the places that you would normally knock off. This was important especially in a shot like this, in which I was lucky to spot this tiny insect, but also another visitor at the same time:


As I looked at each individual picture, my interest and excitement was beginning to grow as I realised this was something that I was getting very excited with. The technique was something that had practiced before and knew what I was doing with, but also getting in close to these animals piqued my curiosity for what they did in their lives and what was happening at that very moment.
I proceeded to then go to the small pond that was situated in the park as well to see what might. This was slightly more difficult as there was a lack of space to manoeuvre around in. However, I noticed some movement in the water and managed to spot a water snail moving around. This was a more difficult shot to take as the sun was blocked out via the trees; this didn’t make things easier with that the further you zoom in on an object, the further it takes for light to reach the sensor, making the picture more darker.

Sea snail

However I did manage to get a decent picture in the end of the snail; I think this is quite an interesting image as in the end we don’t exactly know what we are looking at or what is going on, adding an element of mystery towards the picture.

After I took a few more pictures, I decided to walk on down in the direction of the other maps, still keeping an eye out for anything else that might of took my fancy. I took a few more pictures of some of the wildlife that I spotted on my walks, however due to a lack of tripod I was unable to get a good close up due to handshake on the camera.

I also looked at St Mary’s Guildhall as well to try and get a feel for my other idea on the history of the building and the people that occupied it. However looking around the rooms, I wasn’t struck by the whole place compared to when I looked at the website.
I think the reasoning behind this was that even though there was a whole surplus on history that could be delved into, I was struggling to visualise what exactly I could use with the rooms to make an interesting image at the end.
SO I believe that I will scrap this idea in favour for the wildlife shots as I think I could make a more interesting and appealing product out of them in the end.

Coventry.gov.uk, (2014) Allesley Park – Parks In Coventry – Coventry City Council [online] available from <http://www.coventry.gov.uk/directory_record/273/allesley_park&gt; [7 October 2014]


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