250MC: Initial response

Acknowledging that the paradigm for photography is shifting, and the future of traditional photographic careers are uncertain.”

The use of photography has undoubtedly changed in a quite obvious way. In a time period in which film was used all the time to create sharp, contrast images, the notion of digital was seen as rubbish. However in today’s world digital is seen as the norm for any emerging photographer, with very little still using film.
Even when Kodak created the first digital camera in 1975 (Dan 2012) they held back from using this technology because they feared it would harm their business. Instead, the digital age blossomed and provided in such a way that more opportunities for photographers were created.

As digital natives, we are used to the norm of DSLR’s in our practice, yet there is technology coming out that is making these cameras seem old and not needed as well. Film cameras have such high resolutions now that you can take a still from one and it will be a crisp image.
Yet sometimes sticking to the key basics in everything can still provide amazing results, and older techniques are still used to the maximum effect

So for this project, I believe that I have to keep this project based on something that I want to do and that takes my interest, rather then trying to keep into the folds of what others may want me to do.


Dan, A. (2012) Kodak Failed By Asking The Wrong Marketing Question [online] available from <http://www.forbes.com/sites/avidan/2012/01/23/kodak-failed-by-asking-the-wrong-marketing-question/&gt; [7 October 2014]


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