Summer Work: Lucy Film Review

The average human will only use up to 10% of our brain at any one time. But what would happen if we were able to lock into the rest of our cerebral cortex? What extraordinary things would we achieve? As the film states in the beginning, “Life was given to us a billion years ago. What have we done with it?”

In Luc Besson’s film Lucy, we dive into the fabled myth of unlocking our brains full potential, albeit with the help of a fatally potential drug.
Lucy, played by Scarlett Johansson, is an ditzy American student in Taipei, who is tricked by her week-old boyfriend to deliver a package, only to become an international drug mule within a couple of hours with the drug CPH4 sewn into her abdomen. However, her life isn’t getting any better as the drug is released into her blood system, when the pouch is broken via a hefty kick from a gang member.
From that moment onwards, we go on fast-paced journey as we look into some of the potential side effects as the brain’s capacity increases, helped by the numbers flashing on the screen.
However, as her powers increase from the simple basic ones of superhuman strength and telekinesis, to being able to pull mobile phones lines out of thin air, it begins to borderline fantasy.

The film undoubtedly has amazing graphics; similar to something like The Matrix in the impossible becoming possible (where would you see someone being able to control gravity and make 7+ gang members float in the air?) However there are moments where it just becomes over the top and actually detracts from the plot that is going on.

The bonus of having Morgan Freeman acting as a Doctor studying in the realms of this plot helps the audience begin to understand what exactly is going on, with basic information being chucked out at us at times. Although the random intervals during his speeches about the world are quite distracting and hold no real value at all, acting like filler spots.

I think that the film is something that you should see, and how you watch it can determine how you feel about it; the graphics are top notch, action packing fighting scenes and mind-boggling scenarios. Yet I feel that towards the end it became very repetitive in what was going on, in that you expected something similar to turn around. And the ending? Well, that is definitely up to the viewer to determine how they feel, as mixed responses can be generated from it.

Most reviews from online forums such as Rotten Tomatoes to online Newspaper articles all give positive reviews mainly, with the odd negative one here and there. They talk about the graphics being one of the best for the year, whereas the plot could have been written slightly better. And the performance of Scarlett Johansson is very good.

If you can, see the film. It won’t be a waste of your time at all. Just prepare for some heated conversations afterwards as to what the film could have been.–film-review-another-big-comicbook-treat-intensely-visualised-with-scarlett-johansson-as-lady-vengeance-all-over-again-9684940.html


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