154: Extra Curricular Activity

Two summers ago, one of my best friends told me there was this new, supposedly top horror game to exist. So I decided to try it out on a whim to see what it was like. So me and two others in a skype call, I started off my journey that would lead into an addiction of a sort. On that first attempt, I was jumping and screaming, in which at one point I was on my carpet in the fetal position, mumbling to myself after being ‘caught.’ But I just laughed it off… and carried on playing. And my friends thought I was mad with this. But I wanted to beat the game, I wasn’t going to let it just shrug me off like that. And closer and closer I got, but never quite ‘there.’

After playing this for a couple of months, I was then introduced to the online series called Marble Hornets; a live action show based on the Slenderman mythology. And I think it was this was what set the traps. I was hooked on the show, watching every episode I could before I had caught up to the latest one (the videos would come out when really) so what did I do after that? Go searching online about Slenderman.
And I searched high and low for any piece of detail about this myth. At this point I was actually believing that he was real, and my sleeping pattern was a bit screwed after staring at my door and windows, waiting for the white face to appear. Thankfully, I realized that it wasn’t real and was made up, but I was hooked. In such a little time, so much had been released. I looked it up and watched,read, listened to it…you name it, I did it. I wanted all the details.

At the same time, my passion for playing the game had increased; new variations of the original had come out, and the skype calls continued whilst I played them to my heart’s content when all my work was finished. I was itching to beat the game. And then the best news ever came out: there was going to be a full Slender game.
Slender the Arrival came out Spring last year, and it was the game for me. MY friends at that point knew I was the one to go to when it came to Slender, whether it be info or playing the game, and this one was no different. MY best memory is sitting in my sixth form center with everyone around me, on a new level we had just gotten onto, where a monster (not seen before) jumped right at me. Bearing in mind I had good, over the ear headphones on with full volume, close to the screen, it was a shock. And apparently I swore so loudly that everyone sitting in the center looked over in my direction. Not one care was given at all as I continued on playing.

So since that moment I have had a small hidden agenda of taking pictures which I can turn into a slender related theme; this is just the basis for my future project that I am hoping to complete in the summer, in which I will be hoping to turn horror games into real life. My first part of the project will be based on Slender where I will be attempting to show the actual moments as if the game is being played in life there. And once that is done, I will be then moving onto other games as well to give the whole project some variety rather than sticking to just one area.
So these are just some of my starter images for the kick starter for this project:

Slender 2 Slender-finish


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