154: Steve Brooks Artefact

After we had the talk with Steve Brooks, we were then given the task of making an artifact that explores the subject on under-represented groups within the media. Now this is quite tough, as to think of a group that isn’t represented is difficult enough, but then to make an artifact on them is very difficult

Now at first I was stumped with what I was gong to do as nothing was coming to mind at all, so I just left the task for a while whilst I pondered about it during the other modules. And it was only during when the adverts started coming on for Race for Life was when I knew what I wanted to do.
If you didn’t know, Race for Life is a charitable event hosted every year for woman to walk, jog or run a certain amount of kilometers. They would fundraise to support loved ones that had gotten or passed away from breast cancer, or if they had experienced it.
The idea for the race is actually very good and each years raises a mass amount of money that goes to help woman breast cancer. And that is where the problem lays.

Race for life does not allow men to race at all no matter what.Yet if you are transgendered or had a body swap (whilst proving it) you can run, heck even dogs can run. But if you are a boy that is over the ages of 12, sorry you have to sit on the sides.
This has caused a lot of debate over the years about why men can’t race; they too develop breast cancer, and even though uncommon, it still can happen. Plus their loved ones may have developed cancer as well, yet they can’t run in their memories at all
Why? Well Race for Life says that if men were to take part, the amount of money would drop and so would the participants. In hidden terms really, this is pretty sexist from the charity. I have no doubt that if a male-only run was to be created with no woman allowed, there would be uproar. But it’s fine to hold a female only event though.

So after reading up on all of this criticism, I began to actually think about how often male cancer is talked about publicly as in newspapers, radio, television etc. And when you think about it, there is a lack of talk on it. Compared to the talk on woman cancer, there is a noticeable difference. This may be down to embarrassment of talking about it, where the symptoms are just not mentioned.

http://www.malecancer.org/abouts is a website that is striving to express the symptoms men can figure out what to do at early points in their life before it is too late. For someone who has seen cancer affect people in my family, it is not something that should be brushed under the carpet for any sex. Everyone deserves to be fully aware of it, and one sex shouldn’t have preference over another at all.

Steve brooks task

So for my image, I have taken 3 pictures of men and highlighted on their bodies the 3 main areas where men are effected by cancer. Underneath, I have put a bit of text; the “we are all in this together” is actually taken from Race for Life ironically, as they say this whilst excluding the other sex.


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