154: Final letter to self

Sup Alex.

Been a long, long time since you had to do this in the summer. In fact, in roughly 3 months time it would have been a year. how time flies by! But as they say, you must be having fun if it goes by so quickly!

First off all, have no worries about leaving home. Yes you (I?) miss it lots, especially all your friends at home, but you have settled into life pretty damn well really. Your room actually isn’t too shabby and is spacious enough so that it doesn’t look to cramped at all. But the good thing is that I’ve settled into a nice area, even when there have been a…few occasions where you wished you was living somewhere else. But it has only been on the odd occasion. But then I have become good friends with uni security that way though!

The good thing is that you have made some really good friends at uni, so you have nothing to worry about in the fact about going in bare. Amy, even though she can be a right tit at times, has become one of your best friends there, with her being there for me when I’ve needed it, and me for her as well, even when it’s 3am!
Lee has also become a great friend in the face that he has helped me out so much when it has come to photography and teaching me these small but extremely useful tips that have benefited my learning so much so that I feel much more confident.
And the three amigos of Tom, Stephen and JBD… I mean Jonny have become a great lot of mates to just chill out with where the banter is freely running well where we can all have a laugh! They have also been able to get you to go the gym more as well, where you can definitely squat well now, so that’s something I will continue with when it comes to September again!
And girls, thanks for being a general laugh! Even though you may tease me relentlessly for all sorts of things, it does put a smile on my face as to me it’s just a laugh. I don’t take it to heart, and it does make me laugh and smile a bit!

So onto work. You’re doing well soldier. So far your work is hitting a 2:1 which is good for your first year. Even though this year isn’t that important, I’m glad that I have been able to come in strong straight away and be able to do well. Yes there have been some stressful points throughout the year, but that’s to be expected. One thing though is that I need to stop procrastinating so much, as it has been a hindrance at times. So one thing I’m gonna aim for when it comes to September is that all work will have top priority no matter what and will get done on the say.
But you’re work has been good; Matt said that the project I looked at for 151 MC was interesting and can be fully developed in the future at some point. So bear that in mind and don’t let it slip, as it may come back to a bright light in the tunnel! But your skills have become more defined and focused to the point where I am confident in what I am doing. Sure there are a few places where I can improve, but no one is perfect are they? Just keep your chin up and aim high!

So lets look at the hopes I originally talked about and see if I got them!

1) Yes you got into the second year (well it seems like I have!) so you have nothing to worry about there! But you can say that you tried your hardest no matter what, so be proud of yourself mate!

2) Oh you have enjoyed yourself. Sports has been a great success; I’ve come back into football after a 3 year hiatus and boom! You’ve done well. A solid left back in your academy team where we came joint top in our league, but just lost out on goal difference. But I have been a key part of the team where you have excelled, and heck you even scored a goal (a good one at it as well!) Just make sure to keep fit when it comes to September so you can roaring to go!
Your nightlife has been a good laugh as well, with both the photography lot as well as your football mates! There have been some interesting nights which have been a great laugh, so I know you will enjoy them no matter what.
Also you got a job as well! Even though I got it after Christmas, the extra money from life guarding has been a life saver (pardon the pun) and you’ve met some nice people as well. Just make sure to keep up at it from the beginning of the next year as well.

3) And you’ve made your friends, don’t worry about that. They have become a close circle where you can tell them anything and they will support you no matter what. But also, even though you haven’t seen them that much, you have become closer to your friends at home as well. You still talk to them regularly, especially that tree slut, and you’ve realized how much they mean to you. So don’t worry about loosing them at all as well.

Well here we are then, the end of this letter is coming. Overall, you’ve done well and embraced uni well, as if it is natural for you. So instead of anything soppy, let me make a list of the top things to happen this year:

1) That goal you scored will always be remembered
2) The name JBD will always stick no matter what
3) Dublin is an amazing place with so many good memories that you want to go back.
4) Never skip LEG DAAAAAAAAY
5) Mentioning “I’m going to the sea life center” will annoy Amy before you tell her what it means.
6) Tom and Stephen will always bring up 8-9 times. Nothing else to be said there.

Lots of love from your now mature, and feeling so good future self,


P.s. Oh yeah, forgot to mention. You promised you are going to wax your legs for Picbod next year as a way to raise money. It’s been noted down and you can’t escape from it. Good luck with that!


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