152: Task 1 Finished

So for our task 1, we had to create a manual that would be directed to those that would be entering this module for the first time. Firstly we looked at example of manuals so that we had an idea of what ours wanted to look like, and the opinion was that people preferred to have a lot of pictures with not as much text (as in long paragraphs after paragraphs.)

So for me, I decided that I would do the manual as I was going along in the module after each individual topic so that it would be fresh in the memory from the day so that I could get it done as soon as possible. What I made certain was that I had enough pictures to keep the reader entertained and stimulated and not seeing so much text.
One of the things I had a problem with was that for all the alternative processes, it was quite hard not to talk a lot about them due to the fact that these processes were very technical and required a substantial amount of text so that everything would be covered. With it have to be correct with names and measurements, this was something I could not skip out on at all.

However, for the rest of it I kept it very simple and to the point so that it would be easy to follow. Also the layout of the manual was fairly simple as well, as I didn’t want to over complicate with a bunch of stuff coming on the pages that had no relevance at all.

Overall I was happy with my manual as it covered everything fully to a good level in my opinion. Here it is:



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