152: Review of Easter Task, Exhibitions, Lighting – Task 4 Part 1

The Easter Task I felt offered no real challenge to me at all, and was merely an improvement on the pre-module/class task we had originally done. I think what bored me the most was that all we had to do was look for interesting uses of light and why we thought they were interesting. For me, I would have much preferred to have found a couple of images instead in which the lighting was quite unique and interesting and for us to attempt them ourselves. This would have actually been more useful and fun, as it would have been interesting to see what the others had taken pictures of and their variations of everything.
SO for me, when it actually came down to doing the task, I was looking more at the slightly unusual, wacky methods being implemented by some photographers. By that point we had already seen so much of the usual light coming in at one side providing a hard/soft light on the subject, I wanted something to spice things up. Levi van Veluw’s work is exactly the sort of thing that I was going for. Something that you don’t see on a day-to-day basis and will grab your attention.

Going to London to have at look at the exhibitions was really an ok day. Having been to London so many times for photography trips, there was nothing new or exciting for me to going back there, yet I always looked forward to the trips as it was a day out! The exhibition we looked at, Deutsche Börse Prize, was pretty much a one way horse really when it came to the winner. When I looked at all four participants, it was clear to me that Richard Mosse was my favorite by miles; his work was just faultless to the point where you could say nothing wrong about it at all. Due to him using the one of a kind film, his work was different from what you would normally expect to see from landscape photography, and this is what set him apart from the crowd. With his massive prints, you couldn’t help but be lured into these pictures and just study them.
Alberto Garcia-Alix was the only other person that I thought that could give some challenge to the prize, but it came to no real surprise at all that Richard Mosse was the overall winner, and deserved it was.
For the rest of the day though, I felt that we could have had longer to explore London as it’s a great city with little ally ways and streets that hold so many surprises. 45 minutes to an hour wasn’t enough to get back from the gallery to our coach, so I felt that an extra hour would have been hugely beneficial.


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