152: Human Presence – Final Pieces

So after careful consideration, I had finally chosen my final 3 pictures i was going to use for my final prints:IMG_2596 IMG_2517 IMG_2542

These 3 I decided represented the idea of disrespect and desertion quite well: Age, nature and force. The first being through age where the memory of this person is fading away dramatically, to the point where you have to get up close to just about be able to make out the name of the person and their details.
The second being from nature, where the laziness of not bothering to check on the graves has allowed Mother nature to push forward onto these graves and call them her own. They are pretty much unreachable unless you want to get multiple cuts and a family of bugs living in you.
The third being where some type of force has happened (Accidental or intentional) on this grave in which it has split into two and just left there on the ground. What makes this quite unsavory as headstones are quite expensive to get nowadays, so to see something like this is almost someone flipping the bird at the grave. And for no one to have come and tried to fix it (that is, depending on how long it has been there) is just a sign of no respect being given at all.

i have decided to go with salt prints for my process, as I felt that the getting those brown tones on the paper where the picture is slightly fading away due to the process fits in just right with my theme. I said before that salt prints seem like old pictures taken from a tatty photobook in which they have faded away. And for my pictures I want to show that these graves are fading away and not being looked after at all.

So to carry on with this process, I had to go make acetate images on these pictures so that I could use them as negatives when it came to the printing process:

print for negatives #5 Print for negatives #4Print for negatives #1

With this done, now all that was needed was for me to go and make the prints themselves at last! Thankfully the weather was quite sunny outside so getting all the images done didn’t take too long at all thankfully saved me having to use UV light. The only long process was having to fix the prints, wash them and then letting them dry as the darkroom was closing. This meant I had a whole weekend of no access to the darkroom for when I needed to do a couple of more prints as well.

However, when I saw my final prints I was pleased with how they had come out. Yes they may be a bit faded due to the fact that there might not of been enough mixture on the paper or the exposure time was too short. But again, it actually links in with the pictures themselves and the over riding theme to. with time going on by quickly, these graves will soon fade away like the pictures into a state where no one cares about them anymore, which is highly disrespectful.
When it comes to presenting these images, I believe I would have the two landscapes on either side of the portrait just to give it some symmetry, but also I want the middle picture to be of the grave so that the audience inside a gallery would know what they would be looking at.

photo 2(4) photo 1(5)photo 3(4)


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