152: A Critical Reflection on the development of my Practice – Task 4 Part 2

At the beginning of this module, I really had no idea about light at all really. I knew of the basics with regards to shutter speeds, apertures and the bit of flash, but that was as far as I would go really. SO at first it was quite a big step up to going into a massive studio and having to learn all about these new lights in such a short amount of time that I found it massively beneficial of going back in my spare time to actually use them more so that I was comfortable with what I was doing.
Plus the addtion of learning new printing types in the form of alternative processes was very exciting indeed; I think from printing in glossy or black and white takes its toll over a while. So it was nice to be able to vary up the prints to make them more interesting, as well as leading the way into new processes for taking pictures as well. I think the cyanotypes are a great process which can lead to some interesting pictures if you were to use the right materials.
I can safely say though that my confidence is much higher then it was at the beginning of the module, to the point where I could walk into a studio and know what I am doing. In fact, it is that much better that I am preparing to undertake a project over the summer with my friends that will heavily rely on lighting for the mood.

This project will be based on bringing characters from video games into life and placing the into various scenes. This project will probably be a long-term one as it will need a lot of planning with costumes and locations, as well as getting the right light for each different character. For this summer, I will be starting off with the Slenderman mythology as my starting point, as we plan to host our own Slender games in some woods. So I will be hoping to be going around in the late evening where the sun is setting to try to capture some of the pivotal moments when everything will be tense.
I am actually looking forward to this a lot, as I believe it will be great fun but also will be able for me to show my talents as well. But I know that without doing this module, I wouldn’t have a clue about how I would like the lighting at all in my pictures!

Compared to the other two modules, this one has been quite different really. Everything was much more fast paced due to the lack of time left in the university terms, so it was pushing us to the limits, where in the last two everything was more calm and was building up. I think the only niggle I had been that for the last 3 tasks, the amount of time we were given was incredibly short and put most people under too much stress; what I would have rather of had been that at the beginning of the module we were given all the tasks so that we could begin our planning so that we were prepared to take our pictures rather than rushing it.
Apart from that, the module has been very good and beneficial, even when I had to come back in the evening to tap up my knowledge on the studio!
I think the one thing I have gather from all these modules, especially this last one, is that if you want to go do something you have to push yourself to do it. If you need to change the lighting with a new modifier, go do it. Need to go take that shot; go do it. I think I have gathered a new confidence in myself in that I am looking for new, challenging things to do to push myself, such as my project. However it can only be me that will be able to deliver the results, and that’s if I push myself to the limit.


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