152 Task 3: Portraiture

Oh god. Oh god oh god oh god.

For me, when I saw this task, I was stumped. and I mean really stumped. In the short amount of time that we had left, we had to go take 4 pictures that contained a portrait and objects based on the person. This might seem easy, but actually when you get down to it, it becomes quite difficult.
How are you going to photograph the person? Is there a way they want to show themselves? What objects should you use? Do they have favorites? Do they have ones which define them?

These are the question that I started asking myself when we were given the task, as we had to take all of this into consideration when it came down to taking our pictures. Thankfully, the audience we were given was as if we were entering the Taylor Wessing prize. This allowed me to get some research into what type of pictures we would be taking and what would be expected.

The Taylor Wessing prize is a famous portraiture competition for photography. There are really no limits to the type of pictures taken, as the photographers are asked to push themselves beyond their limits; the competition is about the photographers expressing who they are. Not just doing whatever to fit the brief, but to show us, the viewers, who they are. So it is often the subjects are people we rarely see, opening a small doorway into the photographers life about how they know these people or how they met them.

jockeys_katie1200Kofi Annan by Anoush Abrar

The first thing i notice about these pictures is that…how simple they are. There is no flashy techniques or use of lighting being use here. Everything is stripped to the bare bone and presented as it is. And I think that is key for this prize; it is about showing the true self of people and not a fake version. And I think this is the same idea I have to go along on as well.
The photographer can manipulate the camera so much that the truth can be distorted. So for my pictures I just want to show the viewers the subject as they are. Nothing hidden, just everything being shown then and there.

So who am I going to take picture of then? Well originally I would have taken pictures of someone from my family as they who are I am closest to…but after thinking about it, I have decided to take a self-portrait of myself. I am the one that knows myself the best then anyone else, so I can show the true me on the camera to the audience.
When it comes down to the objects, I am going to do it slightly differently: I have a list in my head already of the objects I have narrowed down, and I’ll go along asking a few of my best friends what objects defines me as a person. if the same objects come up, then I’ll go about taking pictures of those.


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