152: Human Presence – Abandoned Buildings

So in the last post, I had decided that I was going to focus on abandoned buildings. Now it was for the challenge of actually looking for these buildings so that I could get access to them. However there were a few things I had to note before I would actually go off and take these pictures:

– Where exactly were these buildings located?
– Were they accessible?
– Were they safe? (As in there was no erosion or possible demolition going to happen)
– Was there any security in the places as well?
– Are they still there?

These were some o the key questions I had to ask myself when it came to my research, as I wanted to make sure I was as safe as possible when it came to my exploration. As it would be no use for me at all if I either came up to a building that was no longer there, or in fact was not safe to enter at all.

So to help myself out, I decided to look at some websites that were dedicated to urban exploring; I felt this would be my best starting point as these people would know what they would be doing as they would have visited these places already.
So the first place I looked at was 28dayslater.co.uk which had a whole host of places within the UK which had been located and visited. So I narrowed down my search to the Coventry/ Birmingham area to see what was available. And I was surprised to see that there was a whole number of places that could be looked at. However, after digging around a bit more, I began to realize that these posts were in fact quite old, with many of the places had been knocked down to make way for newer buildings.

However, I was able to find a few buildings that seemed to be around, so to make sure that they were still around, I had to go digging around a bit more in various other places. Other websites I looked at was theurbanexplorer.co.uk, derelictplaces.co.uk and ukurbex.co.uk; within these websites, they too were able to confirm the location of some of the places, but also actually gave much more detail into the history of these places, current pictures and what was going on now + in the future.

The one place which has really grabbed my attention is the GKN Shadow Factory tunnels, Smethwick, Birmingham. This place was exactly what I had in mind for where I wanted to look at, as the cold, haunting interior just shouted out horror and death (it really did seem similar to places you may see in horror games as well.)
Time for more research!


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