10 interesting uses of light: #9


The ninth picture I chose was by Levi van Veluw. His work is something I have looked at over the years, as he predominately focuses on the body and face and how he can manipulate it with a variety of things to complete something entirely new and whacky. And in this picture, he has used light in order to complete change the face of the subject.

For this, he placed on his head strips of light-generating foil in which he photographed in pitch black. So the image we are seeing in the foil is actually within the room he is sitting in. This is a genius idea, as it makes the light exist on its own with no outside help at all, making it entirely unique. The picture is using the light we cannot see nearly at all; light in the pitch black. It’s remarkable to think how light can make a photo like this happen in the slightest of ways.

Again, this would be something that I would be willing to photograph, but to expand onto different things on the body perhaps or different items. What would it look like if you covered up the entire torso of a body, or even placed these strips onto an item such a a guitar. Would we be able to make out the shape in front of us, or would we be left in the unknown entirely.


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