10 interesting uses of light: #8


The eighth picture I went with is actually someone that I would be very interested in trying due to the sheer unknown that can happen with each experiment. In this picture, Corey Holms has used food dye within water to create these complex designs in order to bring about this unusual form. With the water carrying the dye on its owns accord, it’s impossible to predict what exactly will happen.

However this picture doesn’t use light in the conventional sense as in a studio, but more with an often forgotten piece of equipment: the light box. With this, Holms is able to light up the background to show off all the colours in enough detail. To me, it almost looks like something from a microscope, as if we are looking at the cells of a human or animal. It’s the only thing that i can resemble it to, yet it makes sense in a weird way.

This type of photography I would like to try my hands on, as it would be interesting to try it out with all sorts of liquids to test the different in what shapes could be made. It would also be made much more interesting in using a variety of different containers in order to somewhat influence the liquids in their journey downwards.


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