10 interesting uses of light: #7

light7 The seventh picture that I liked was due to the comical factor and the way in which we can spot how the light is being used. In this picture by Lucy and Bart, it is a shot of a man dressed up in what seem to be a mixture of the earth or an animal costume. What appeals to me in this is the absurd nature of the shot, plus just how wacky it is.

Also, the lighting used here appears to be quite simple and easy to understand; it looks like there is a soft box high up at around 45 degrees facing towards the face at some distance. This gives the one side of the body the light needed to highlight it, whilst the rest is given a strongish shadow as well. However, out of all the pictures I have looked at, this is the type of lighting that I would really prefer to stray away from. The reason being for that is because it seems too simple and doesn’t create anything challenging or interesting for me.


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