10 interesting uses of light: #6


The sixth shot of interest to me is from Francois Delfosse, who uses light to create an illusion for the viewer if they didn’t know the context behind the shot. In this picture, he claims that it is of a glacier cave north of the South Pole, but in reality the pictures are of the inside of a plastic bag.

I feel that this is a playful yet intriguing way of using light within a picture; Delfosse has used his imagination in order to come up with this scenario, before using the light in order to create the effect he was after. The pictures are mesmerizing and look real; it’s hard to believe that it’s just plastic we are looking at. I think what helps as well in this picture is the angle he is shooting at, as at the lowness it gives the impression that the area is large and daunting.

He has used the light in this picture to make everything look a bit softer then it is; providing too much light would show off all the crinkles and shadows, resulting in the effect being taken away. This is actually a masterpiece of photography in order to manipulate such a fragile thing to give the illusion of something that we see on telly and have a pre-built image of what it may be like.


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