10 interesting uses of light: #5


Similar to the previous picture, I have chosen this fifth picture due to how Kyle Thompson uses light, but this time using natural light in the open.

When you are in a studio, it is hard to have the shutter speed up high due to the limited amount of light available, hence the need for external lights; whereas when you are in the open (and on a sunny day) you are able to have the shutter speed hitting the maximum nearly with the aperture wide open. This makes it easier to work with the camera outside sometimes.

In this photo, the sun is behind the subject due to the background light being quite intense and flat as well (in the sense that there is no other colour.) However, I have a problem with this shot due to the fact that there seems to be a slight orange tinge to the picture. Whether this may be intentional or not, I think it doesn’t work as well. I think having the sun shining down onto the subject would have been better, yet at the end I think the main focus in this picture was getting the wings in shot.


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