10 interesting uses of light: #4


The fourth photo of interest to me is by Nick Knight. I chose this picture due to a different way light is being used. In this shot an extremely fast shutter speed is being used to capture the moment in which the powder breaks from its container and expands into the air. Yet to get a shutter speed like this, you would have to sacrifice the amount of light being allowed in.

So an external light would have to be used to light up everything in the frame (made slightly easier with the black background) to get all the detail needed. So we would be looking at a soft box being placed right above the impact zone on the brightest setting.

This photo allows us to realize the high shutter speed photos like this are in fact possible for us to achieve, as external lights will grant us the chance to capture all the detail very easily. SO we can go out and try similar stuff with a variety of objects, and should be able to get the same effects (with an equal amount of mess as well!)


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