10 interesting uses of light: #3


The third image of interest to me is by Marek Chaloupka. This picture struck me due to the unusual way of the photo. Normally we are used to seeing pictures taken flat on line with the subjects face, but with this we are faced with Chaloupka taking the picture underneath the subject. This is made obvious due to the palms of the hands and the sole of the foot being placed onto what seems like a mirror.

The light in the picture I believe is coming down at an angle above the subject to make everything the camera is facing is black. With no light at all to highlight the features of the body, it’s impossible for any detail to come out at all.

This picture is similar to scenes in horror films, in which a hand will suddenly strike against a shower or window whilst we can’t exactly see whom the hand belongs to. The way, in which the shadows are lacking in this picture, it gives it a slight horror feel to the picture. We have no idea what is going to happen, and we are left in a suspense if something else may appear in front of us. The slight haziness gives the effect very well, done via the glass (or whatever material it may be) and the angle of the light.


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