10 interesting uses of light: #2


The second picture of interest for me is by Kirk Crippens. Here he has located himself inside a derelict room with everything stripped bare, with the area seemingly abandoned (via the boarded up windows) so our only realization of the outside is from the open door.

What struck me with this photo is the intensity of the light from the outside coming into the room, as it almost seems very bright outside, making the light seem quite harsh. So it seems that there must be an external light not far from the door to get the light creeping into the room at this intensity.

Whilst looking at this picture, a theme begins to slowly seem to be, in the form of death and life. When we think of death, the stereotypical image that comes to mind is the “light at the end of the tunnel.” And with the light creeping around the corners, it looks like that time has ended for this room and it’s time to go, which could also be hinting at a possible change maybe.


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