10 interesting uses of light: #10


The last picture I have chosen is from Grant Simon Rogers who has used the manual settings on his camera plus a flash to create these pictures.

If you were just to glance at the picture, you would presume that from the darkness within it, it must have been taken at night time. So you would be shocked to find out that in Rogers pictures like these, they were all taken during the day.

To create something like this, he set his aperture between f11-f22 and having his shutter speed above 1/500 depending on how light the day was. This meant that he had an extremely dark picture, but the picture would be brought to life via an inbuilt flash in the camera. This meant he could capture the detail within the leaves, but also the background due to the large depth of field from the large aperture.

I find this type of shot very interesting and unusual, as when we see flowers or plants we expect a bright background. But with this unusual darkness, it makes everything eerie and creepy.


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