10 interesting uses of light: #1


The first shot I like is from Alexander Rodchenko in this black and white photo. This first thing we notice is the shadows being formed by what may seem to be a fence of some kind. The shadow falls very heavily onto the ground, yet on the body it is much lighter, only for the face (with the eyes just visible) to be submerged in the shadow.

By looking at the depth of colour in the shadows, we can presume that the light is coming in from the top-left corner of the photo to cause this effect; on the flip side, this may be down to Rodchenko’s shot style. He would usually shoot from an either high or low angle to prevent recognition of the subject, which is shown here.

What I like about this picture is how Rodchenko is able to produce a stunning picture in which that even though a lot of detail is hidden via the shadow; we are drawn into the simplicity of the shot. And with the lack of detail, we are drawn into this mystery area with the unknown women looking to her side, and we wonder where she may be and what she is looking at. Is she waiting there for a specific reason, or has she merely just stopped to rest for a moment?


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