152: Studio light – My own picture

So after being in the studio and getting to grips with the lights and the effects they had on the subject, I felt like I was ready to do my own experimenting with the studio lights to create my own, unique image. I had really enjoyed using the soft box in order to give a nice, soft light on the subjects face, especially at the 45˚ angle. I also enjoyed the snoot in picking out some of the key parts on the body in order to bring out the sharp detail there.


My first starting point was using the snoot in order to bring out detail in one particular point of the body. Here I asked my subject to wear a coat before propping up the collars on both the coat and shirt (almost like as if he was in a detective film) as they would give a traveling point of view. Then, I positioned the snoot’s light beam onto the face in order to give it that mysterious look as if the character was wondering about their next move and what they were going to do, or as if they were pondering a thought on something that had happened. The background being black is key, as it gives it the gloomy setting that something bad had happened.
The snoot here was above the subject at 45˚ pointing down on the right hand side.


I then decided to introduce a soft box into the equation as well, keeping the snoot in the same place. Here, I wanted the soft box to give off enough light so that we could see the clothes the character was wearing (a face just wouldn’t cut it after all.) I positioned the soft box to the lower left at a 45˚ angle pointing upwards on the lowest light setting. This was to make sure that even though the light would illuminate the clothes just enough, I didn’t want the background to suddenly become grey at any point at all.
So the shot is working well, but I decided that the posture wasn’t working that well so I decided that I was going to move him a bit so that I could make the light a bit more effective.


Here the light is much more useful. I angled the body a bit more towards the light and had the clothes opened up a bit more so that we could see the necklace (which had been hidden at this point.) Here it looks like he is looking into the distance at something that is happened and is down about it all (murder scene, funeral etc.) However I had decided to just turn up the soft box a bit more so that the clothes could be brought p a bit more to life him off the background. However, I  actually like the light doing that as it makes it then look as if it was from a advertisement campaign for clothes. I wanted to maintain that mysterious aspect but I felt like this would e a nice tough to add as well to the photos.


This was the money shot here. I had decided to turn the subject more towards the camera so that we could see the body this time with everything upfront. This meant as well that there would be some shadows cast due to the angle of the soft box, as it would begin to give that nice transition from light to shadows, which is the key feature that I like about soft light (such as underneath the right armpit, it looks like it is merging into the background before the rest of the arm pops out.)
In addition, I decided to re-position the snoot so that it would be directed onto the necklace. This I felt gave it a nice touch due to the bright halo effect it gives on the area, making it look like this is a significant part to look at for the picture. The facial expression fits in as well, giving it that sombre look that gives the appearance of either grieving or loneliness

I definitely feel much more comfortable and stronger in the studio now, as I am confident that I could go in and know how I would want my shots to look like without having to mess around with the lighting kits that much at all in the beginning.


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