152: Whats in the studio?

So before we could go rushing into the studio and using it to our hearts extent, we had to have an induction first. This was so that we could know how to use all the equipment in an efficient way so that we wouldn’t have to constantly ask how to use it, but also so that we could come in at any time on any day and use the studio straight away with no hassle.
This is particular useful for me due to the fact that I had no experience in a proper studio like this at all, so I wanted to make sure that my knowledge was top-notch when it came to using the lights, as I know that it would be sod’s law that something would go wrong if I didn’t.

Soft Box:


The Soft Box is a light modifier that diffuses the light passed through it. When the light travels from the flash it passes through a translucent white screen in which it scatters the light creating an evenly distributed soft light on the subject.

Beauty Dish:


The beauty dish is a parabolic reflective modifier attached directly to a light source and has a cover directly over the flash lamp. This means that light is bounced off the cover and into the dish, which is then reflected onto the subject. The light produced is much harsher than a Soft Box but not too strong.



A Snoot is a cone light modifier. When attached to a light source then all light is directly towards the subject in a highly focused beam. More often then not it is used as a backlight, either directly onto the subject or onto the background.
Alternatively a honeycomb grid can be attached onto the front. Without the grid the light has a high contrast and will produce harsh shadows, whereas the grid will help to soften the light more.

Reflective Umbrella:


Reflective umbrellas are used by placing them on the lighting head so it fires its light onto a reflective surface inside the umbrella. This means that the light will then bounce off it directly onto the subject.

Shoot through Umbrella:


Similar to the Soft Boxes, this umbrella will allow light to pass through them onto the subject, meaning that the light will become scattered and diffused. This will cast a softer light on the subject reducing harsh shadows and edges.

Now this session was just a taster for us on getting to know the items, and I have to say that it was very beneficial indeed. I feel like I now have a grasp on these items and how to work them when taking photos. Now all I have to do is go back into the studio and experiment with using the lights on my own accord.





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