Assignment 2: Youtube documentaries on Coventry Market

So when I had my interview with Mr Sexton,he mentioned that there had been multiple videos produced on the market itself. He mentioned this because with the amount of information there was on the market, he wasn’t able to talk about everything in one go, so he said that these videos might be able to give some deeper meaning and explanation about what he was talking about to me.

The first video I found was actually one from a previous Coventry University student who produced a short documentary on the market itself. This however covered information that I had already looked at, spanning from the actual history of the market (when it was built and why) to some views on the market itself now. It was interesting to see my research confirmed, but also to get a style on how this video was made as well.
For my video, I would want it to be a bit more formal, as I felt the songs in the background were slightly distracting and a bit out-of-place for me preference. Also, I would want myself to be upfront to the camera, letting the viewer see me talking for most of the video.

The second Video I found was more of an introductory/teaser video for the market. It was simply there to show the variety of things that were on offer in the market, created by Coventry Classified, who were looking at the city. Even though it was quite short, I found it interesting to see the variety of things, confirming that the market was specialised, and it would be hard for you to not find something you were looking for.

The last video I found, again by another Coventry University student, was perhaps the most useful, more in the styles of how the video was presented. At the beginning, it started off in a light way with the Benny Hill theme tune playing, before it went off into some interviews with some of the stall owners. I think it was the interviews which grabbed my attention the most, as it was in the style I was looking for almost.


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