Assignment 2: Who I am going to talk to for my first hand research

So for my first hand research, in which we have to talk to who may be considered as an established expert in their field, I have decided on two people who I feel that may be able to give me the best information possible: Mr Brian Sexton, who is the manager of Coventry Market, and Mary Portas, who wrote the Portas review.

I decided to contact Mr Sexton because as the owner of the market, he would have the direct knowledge for the market itself. This would be great as it would give some general context for the market itself which would tell the audience how the market itself is dong.
I have looked around various websites for information, and I have been only been able to find the basic information on the market itself. SO getting this more inside knowledge would be very good context for the video when I decide to go into more detail.
However, the only problem with this will be that there may be a slight bias towards him being positive about the market itself, however there are not too many other experts on the market itself par him.

Mary Portas otherwise would be more of the expert on the field, as she has been asked to write a government report. So she would have knowledge of every area rather than being limited to one particular area as well. Also, there wouldn’t be any type of bias as well towards Coventry, so it would be a good outsiders point of view.
However, the only problem I may have is actually getting a response. Portas works on other shows as well, meaning that her time is rather limited, so I’m afraid that I might bot get a response at all from her with regards to the questions I have sent to her in an email.


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