Assignment 1: Coventry Market shoot 4

So after consideration of my idea, it was time to go on my last shoot to get the last pictures for my photobook. But before I show the pictures, I feel like it would be good to just re-cap everything now.
So the idea for both assignments has been: Have supermarkets caused a decline in Coventry Market? Initially I wanted to focus on the abandonment of items/ derelict areas of the market to show that there was a decline. But after thinking about a bit more, I realised that really this wasn’t a truth at all.
It would be almost deceiving the viewer to what actually would be happening, which would be unfair. So I decided that I would focus more on the idea that the pictures should represent what the future could hold. The key word being could, as I want the viewer to realise that this is what you may to avoid if you want to keep this important part of the community alive for the future.

So now that is cleared up, I can now move onto my pictures with everything cleared up properly!

So when I went into the market this time, my aim was to solely focus on the covers of the stalls. So to get a variety of pictures again, I had to leave it until late so that most of the outer ring stores had closed down properly. This had worked well from previous experience, and I had no doubt at all that it would work this time as well.
However I had a decision to make, as with there being multiple covers of the same colour, I had to photograph them all before I made my final decision. As it would look odd in my book if there was similar covers, so the viewer could interpret it as the same place.




Thankfully there was a nice variety of colour in the pictures, which would make it more visually attractive as well. But additionally, quite a few of the places had items on top. Now, sometimes you may think that this would mean that the stall is active; however when the items had been placed on top of the covers with some of them being empty, this furthered the idea that they had been left there.

Now, unlike the earlier times, for every stall that I visited I took 3 different exposures on a tripod. This was for varying reasons. Firstly, it was to get a nice variety of exposures so that I had more to work with when it came down to the RAW editing later on; but also it was because I wanted to experiment with HDR pictures as well.
I wanted to try this because with the market having only artificial light, I wanted to create a picture that would have the best lighting possible (even by using RAW there was the chance of a picture becoming to pixelated.) To achieve this was quite easy, as Photoshop comes along with a HDR feature so putting the pictures together took no time at all.

HDR 10



However, when it came to reviewing the pictures, I wasn’t too sure on them at all. There seemed to be this weird glow in the background, making it look like it wasn’t real at all, which was far from what I wanted. Now the picture was ok, but it made you wonder why on earth the effect had been given; if it wasn’t adding to the picture at all, then it was most possibly detracting from the picture them. So after doing some comparison to the originals to the HDR pictures, I decided that the HDR would be left for this assignment.

So I had a look back at the pictures, and I was beginning to wonder if that the pictures were too far out; when I was taking them on the tripod, I wanted to make sure I got everything in the frame and that nothing was missing. However, I felt like that I had left too much out, and I also wasn’t sure on the tops and if they were too distracting.
So to put more focus onto the stall covers, I decided to crop the pictures just so that you could see the covers in the picture. This caused all the pictures to be quite rectangular.

Crop hdr2

Crop hdr9

Crop hdr10

But again, when I looked back them, I wasn’t really impressed by them at all. For some reason, I just didn’t feel like it really worked. Like with the HDR pictures, the thing didn’t add to the pictures at all, and this time I could say that really it was detracting from the picture. I was left with nothing else to look at, and with no background at all it wasn’t as interesting.

So I decided to just stick with the originals in their normal forms, as I felt like these were the ones that worked best; it was just a case of making everything a bit brighter that’s all and toning down some of the highlights and shadows so that it wouldn’t be too harsh on the eyes.


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