Assignment 2: Hackathon

So to prepare for Assignment 2, the class decided that we would do a hackathon. Yes, a hackathon. The idea was that within the day, we as a class would complete a 10-minute video within the day. 6 hours in which we would be given a random topic, and we would have to conduct research, find resources, interview a first hand research, record the video and edit it all into one final piece.
We decided to do this idea because it would be a great way for us to see the process we would have to go through, but also to see what our videos would be like.

It may seem like a lot when reading about it, and in a way yes, it is a lot. However, as a class we can split ourselves up, assigning each one an individual role that they would stick to for the day.  This was quite ingenious, as it would represent the multiple roles we would have undertaken throughout the assignment this term. I choose the role as video editor, as I felt that from my original test video, I needed to practice on my editing skills much more.

So the day began with us choosing a theme, with the decision being on transport, and the researchers went under way to find as much research as possible. In order to make it easier for them, everyone chipped in to find as much as possible, and a wall was created for everyone to post links to.

This then allowed us to formulate a niche area, with our efforts going into: Harassment in transport.  We felt that this was an area that came up multiple times in our research, and would be a good path for us to follow.
We then all began to spilt off into our separate groups, whilst keeping in contact with each other. As a video editor, I was in constant contact with the videographers and the scriptwriters, as I would need to know exactly what was going to be recorded, but also so I could suggest ideas as well.

We all treated this seriously, with everyone giving their best in the roles. We were getting so into it, a blog was created on wordpress specifically just for the hackathon. We were going to be given a ‘mark’ on the video so that we could see the process, so the blog was great in keeping track on what had been said.

Eventually, all the videos were recorded and sent to me and the other video editor.  Then was the task of sorting everything out according to what the script was so that it would all flow in one continuous piece.
However with the videos all being at various lengths, there was certain clipping done to some clips to make everything fit together.
However half way through editing we came across a problem in which that for no reason at all, the audio from half of the videos vanished. There was no explanation for this at all, and even after calling for help, the only solution was to save, and restart premiere with our fingers crossed. Thankfully everything was back to normal then, but it was a great experience in knowing what to do if the same problem did arise in the future.

Finally, we got the video sorted out, at 6 minutes long. We realised that most of the speaking parts were too short, but it had come to a point in which we could not re-shoot anything else at all, and we had to deliver ASAP, which we did.

Overall, the day was a great experience, and a useful insight about what needs to be done for the real thing. Thankfully I feel that the editing part won’t be the main issue for me at all, but rather it will be making sure that everything is in fact long enough to cover the whole 10 minutes.


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