Sketchbook Task F: The Digital City

Whilst I was in Dublin, we were given our last and final sketchbook task for the module, and it seemed to be one of the more interesting ones out of the lot. We were told that we had to explore the idea of the digital city; there was no set limits for this, so we were able to focus on whatever we wanted do, as long as we could link it back to the digital city and that we had identified the use of technology.

The idea that I had gone along with was the use of more olden art styles; today every where you go you see someone having a camera on them, taking pictures of whatever. With this use of technology, its easy for us to take a picture, go onto a laptop and able to create something aesthetically pleasing. Yet we tend to forget the more labour style efforts that go into making something that is great to look at.

Whilst we were walking around, there was multiple graffiti style paintings in the area that reminded me of Banksy quite a bit. It had that cartoonist style to it, yet carried a message with them. And I felt that actually these painting were much more powerful compared to what an advertisement may be. We are so used to seeing adverts for all sorts of items/places that we get used to them. Yet with graffiti like this, it’s quite unusual so we tend to take more notice of it then.
Over the many years, we have been slowly shaped by technology without realising it, and it only takes something as simple as these paintings to make us appreciate the things we have begun to left behind.










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