Dublin trip: Photobook sessions

So for 4 days, a group of 30 from the class headed off to Dublin. This was for us to get a sense of another cultural place, but also for us to have the opportunity to visit a variety of photo book libraries.  This was a great opportunity for us as we would be able to see a variety of books that had different presentation methods, so this would possibly give me some ideas for my book.

On the second day we took a visit to the Gallery of Photography first off all. This gallery was based on showing projects by both local and far away photographers, but for a short amount of time though. When we went, there was an exhibition on horses when, which included some very high detail shots of the horses.
Afterwards we went to The Library Project which was based on just having photo books from a whole range of artists. It simply was a library.

photo 2(1)
Out of the two, I found the visit to the Library Project the most valuable for me, as it was very useful to see the different methods that were applied to some books. For example, there was a Bible in the shelves, which seemed quite odd and out of place; but when opened there was a variety of pictures that represented the imagery from the text of the bible.  I thought that this was a very interesting idea, and something I will remember for the future in terms of presentation.

photo 4



However the two books that stood out to me the most by far was Animal by Eliot Ross. This was almost like a documentary book, where Ross took highly contrast black and white shots of animals, focusing on the gesture they were making. However, he wanted to represent them as people rather then a species of an animal. And you can see from the pictures that he has achieved this; all the pictures all uniquely different, with each animal holding their own air around them.

photo 1(1)

4411.53 001

The second book was another animal photography book, but rather then striking me as great photos (which they are) they struck me as emotionally powerful.  David Chancellor’s Hunter focuses on the death of animals by the hands of hunters. When reading through the book, the pictures grabbed me in, but even when they are so graphic you can’t tear your eyes away.  But also I couldn’t help but get slightly emotional from it all.

On the second to last day, we went to Belfast to visit The Belfast Exposed gallery, where they had a tom Woods exhibition on his life in Liverpool, giving the life of the people. But we also went there so that we could have a go at making our own photobooks as well. For this, it was just simply finding some images from magazines, newspapers etc to create a short narrative on some pieces of card.
This was a great exercise, as being able to physically make our own book was useful in knowing what worked well, and how to layout the photos.

The trip in general was a great experience, not only for looking at a new area that had multiple photographic value, but also to see the variety of photobooks that were on for us.


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