Assignment 1: Talk with Matt + Photoshoot 3

So after my previous shoots, I went to have a talk with my lecturer about my pictures. This was just a confirmation for me to get an idea that I was going on the right lines with my project, but also to see if my pictures were actually engaging and interesting to look at.
So it was a bit of relief when I discovered that he was on the same lines on me with that the pictures of abandonment were the most interesting to look at. There was areas for me to focus on.

So I came out with more confidence, and started thinking about the next photo shoot I was going to take part in. Since the area of abandonment was the best, that was what I was going to focus on. However, I determined that being outside wasn’t producing the shots that I felt were going to carry me through.
So bearing in mind my new idea, which was to see the effects supermarkets were having on the market, I decided to take pictures of items left on the floor and couldn’t be cared about, to stalls being covered up.

So the fist focus was on items being left around the area that was obviously just left there. There were a variety of items in the market that I thought would be great examples for pictures. However, I didn’t want to go right up to the items, as it would then seem like I was just taking a snapshot of it. There would be no value in that at all in my eyes.
So I maintained by distance so that I would be able to get the background as well. This was important as I thought that it would signify importance towards the object itself with regards to the environment it was in.




However, I felt that these were lacking in context, but more importantly they weren’t telling me a story. If I wanted to show the style of what the market would look like if it became abandoned; yes you get the idea of abandonment, but you wouldn’t specifically know that it is about the market. You could think it is from any random place.

That’s when I made the decision to stick with photographing the main stalls that surrounded the market, as they were what the market is about. Providing the place for the people to sell their goods. And if they closed, what would they look like?




I only took a few pictures of the market stalls as I had turned up too early, but the ones I did take were enough to convince me that this was the avenue that I wanted to go down, as it would be the most interesting.
What must be noted with these pictures is that I am trying to tell a truth, yet it is an uncertain one. We can’t predict what the future will bring to us at all, so I am only trying to show to the public what may happen, and to make them support what is important for their community.

Contact Sheet 3


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