Proposal Revamp: Assignment 1 + 2

So since my last proposal, my idea has changed a bit in the ways of concept and how my pictures will be taken. The focus is still specifically on Coventry Market, yet the niche area. My main focus now will be on how the market is being affected by external influences.
So the question I will be asking would be: Are supermarkets causing a decline in Coventry Market? I feel is a better niche area because it is much more narrow and focused, because in the last proposal it was too wide open.

Now, the story this time is slightly split depending on the assignments. For Assignment 2, the story is going to talk about how supermarkets have caused decline all over the UK, before focusing on Coventry market itself. Assignment 1 on the other hand is going to be based on what the stalls in market could look like if they were closed and abandoned.
So why would this be interesting then to look at? Well the Market itself is seen as an essential part of the community, so it would be good to see why we should keep this alive.  This leads onto whom my audience is going to be; with it specifically for those that want to keep this unique market.

So as for showing all of this, in the video it will be almost like a documentary style, so the background would be relevant to what I am talking about. Whereas the photo book will be mainly focused on the covers of the stall, as I want to try and portray the story of what the stalls could look like if trade didn’t come often enough, causing the stands to close.

Some problems I can think of will be that for the video, how hard will it be to get the information on the market? As some of it will be kind of classified I presume (such as asking about footfall etc) so I wonder what I will do if I don’t have the information?
And for the photo book, I wonder if the pictures themselves will be easy to understand, as with no background the pictures might not be as clear to the viewer about what they are seeing. So I would have to make everything as clear as possible.


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