The Chimera and the Composites

Either how multiple pictures are put together to create one whole picture, or the elements used to get to that pictures. A way could be how we interpret a picture/painting.

Peter Kennards piece on Tony Blair is a strong political message about the Iraq war, with many a people blaming him on the invasion. Yet with the picture you would think that he is actually there, while it really is just Photoshopped very well.

Nancy Burson created a piece of merging the faces of the political leaders during the cold war. She split the faces on the basis about who hold the most power at the time (Eg 55% Regan.) She also did the same with famous actresses (the top ones such as Marilyn Monroe)

Daniel Lee does a similar idea of face morph is Daniel Lee with his Mamimals Series. He created a series in which he takes the upper body of a person, before morphing the faces into their zodiac signs (E.g. Pig, Dog, Dragon, Rooster)

Margi Geeerlinks created a series called Crafting Humanity, 2001. It was at the time where a mouse was born with an ear on it’s back, so she went out to create a series that looked at how science was moving on and how we as humans could be changing.

Freud, 1925: A note upon the ‘Mystic Writing Pad’
Believes we have a conscience and sub-conscience, with that with no effort we can re-call 10%. Whereas the other 90% is harder to make. So he thought by writing something down we can remember it.
The Uncanny, the opposite of what is familiar.

Uncanny the film.

Hans Bellmer looked at the uncanny in order to produce a photographic piece that looked at putting doll’s body pieces into various positions that are quite torturous.


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