Sketchbook Task E: Composites

So, after we had the The Chimera and the Composites lecture we were given yet another sketchbook task for us to undertake. This was a bit different from the others, as we were going into the realms of photo shop this time to create 1 singular picture in the end.

The aim was quite simple: When we had split into our usual groups, we had to make sure we had a profile picture of every single person in the group for the task to work. The aim was to create a composite from all of these pictures in what ever manner we thought would work the best. This I felt was a way of putting our photoshop tests to the skill, to see what we could achieve in such a short amount of time.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 01.21.58

My aim for the picture was to incorporate a piece of everyone into a single face. I used my own face as the background shape, so that way I would have something to work around with all the other parts. I had done something similar to this a long time ago, so it was fun being able to do this again. I think the only trickiest part for me was actually trying to get the glasses to fit properly, as they were moulded onto the faces of the others.
Overall I think that this was a good effort, especially when it was completed with 45 minutes as well; normally I would of liked to have taken longer over it to make sure every single detail was just right.
I think the only problem with it is that some of the facial features are a tad bit off/wonky and don’t work as well together, so I think I would have to maybe use different parts to get a better overall piece.


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